Ambewela: Sri Lanka’s picturesque “Little New Zealand”

Published: 30th June 2010
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Located high up in the misty highlands of the Nuwara Eliya district, Ambewela is renowned as one of the most breathtaking regions in Sri Lanka. This beautiful town set amidst sweeping tea estates and its environs are aptly described as "little New Zealand". Complete with a picturesque valley with a slow, meandering stream and fringed with faraway, blue mountains, the tranquil atmosphere of Ambewela is bound to capture the mind and the hearts of its visitors.

The expansive grassy plains of Ambewela are the highest and the largest in the country rendering them ideally suitable for rearing cattle. The town is therefore home to two of the principal farms in Sri Lanka: Ambewela Farm and New Zealand Farm. Both establishments are open to visitors. New Zealand Farm rears a variety of livestock such as Ayrshire cattle, goats, rabbits, pigs and poultry. The Ambewela Farm keeps Friesian cattle and is famous for its fresh and wholesome dairy products including milk, various cheeses, butter and yoghurt which are distributed throughout the country. Both farms strictly protect the pure lines of their pedigree cattle and ensure the best treatment in order to produce the country's highest quality milk which meets international standards of hygiene. Ambewela is also the location of Sri Lanka's milk powder factory.

The close proximity of Ambewela to Horton Plains and World's End renders it very convenient to include in an itinerary of the highlands. The mesmerizing natural beauty of the region makes a trip to Ambewela a truly memorable experience. A stay at one of the finest Nuwara Eliya hotels will undoubtedly enable one to enjoy the many attractions and pleasures of the district with comfort and convenience. Jetwing St. Andrew's, unique among Sri Lanka hotels for its characteristic atmosphere of colonial luxury coupled with modern comfort for its guests coupled with warm hospitality amidst the cool climes.

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