Badal Vilas (Mandir Palace, Tazia Tower)

Published: 04th July 2010
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The history of Jaisalmer started in 1156, the year of its founding, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Strategically positioned on the camel route connecting India and Central Asia it started off with great wealth leading to the exquisite houses and mansions seen there today but its history intermittent with sieges and unfavorable economy also lead to the decline of the same grand palaces and havelis. Nonetheless, tourists and history buffs will be enthralled by this Golden City of Dreams, a fort rising from Trikuta Hill that takes on the allure of a hidden wonderland with its crumbling architecture and hand crafted mirror work and embroidery.

Attractions of this dessert-ridden town include forts, towers, palaces and temples. Notable are Sonar Killa, Rishabdevji Temple, Tilon-ki-Pol and Badal Vilas.An architectural tribute to the history of Jaisalmer is Badal Vilas, also known as Mandir Palace, is the current residence of the Royal Family. This multi-storeyed structure also referred to as 'Cloud Palace' is located near Amar Sagar Gate and consists of a complex of buildings with elaborately carved facades.

Rising out of this structure is the Tazia Tower, a muti-tiered tower, built by the Muslim Silavats or stone-carvers before they migrated to Pakistan after the partition. This ornately carved tower was built in the 20th century as a gift to the people and Rulers of Jaisalmer and is carried during the Moharram procession. Presently, part of the palace is used as a hotel and restaurant and still retains many of the galleries and paintings of a time gone by. Visitors can enter specific areas for a small fee.

In February, the whole town comes alive for the Dessert Festival. To appreciate this festival and still enjoy modern comforts The Gateway Hotel Rawalkot Jaisalmer is the perfect answer for any traveler. With great views of the 12th century Jaisalmer Fort, this is one of the best accommodations among the leading Hotels in Jaisalmer.

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