Bird Watching in Negombo, the experience of a lifetime

Published: 17th September 2010
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Negombo, a charming small town in Sri Lanka located to the north of Colombo, is a mainly Catholic area which interestingly was established by the Moors. Luxuriant greenery surrounds the town and there are also several areas of swamp in the vicinity. These factors attract a multitude of diverse kinds of bird life to the region, making Negombo a bird watcher's paradise.
One of Negombo's key advantages regarding bird life is the region's fine ecological balance, which makes the area an ideal location for various birds to breed and thrive. The tranquil environs and the pristine natural features of the region make it a scenic delight that will enchant any visitor. The birds found in the locale include countless native varieties as well as numerous migrants from foreign shores.

Negombo's Muthurajawela Marsh, a thriving tropical wetland is considered an ideal location for bird watching. Fascinating varieties of birds found here include such highlights as the kingfisher and oreal; other favourites include such exotic species as the egret, purple heron, caucal, moorhen, purple coot, shikra and grebe. Other striking varieties include the serpent eagle and Brahmin kite. The sheer beauty of the vividly coloured birds never fails to make an impression on the mind of the beholder.

Boat excursions are arranged for the benefit of the inquisitive traveller who journeys along the river and the adjoining marshlands. If desired some tours feature an experienced guide who will describe the natural highlights of the region. The leisurely boat tours enable the visitor to relax in the balmy climate of the area amidst the cries of the multitude of bird life which inhabit the region.

Other attractions offered by the town of Negombo include the tranquil beaches of the Negombo Lagoon, and the scenic buildings found in the town itself. The spotless beaches of the locale rival the most delightful in the world, and many facilities are available for tourists. There are also many picturesque buildings left by the hand of colonialism.

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