Celebrating Christmas in Cambodia

Published: 02nd December 2008
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Despite being a Buddhist country, Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated and gaily celebrated festivals in Cambodia. If you are traveling through out the country then you will no doubt notice colourful decorations everywhere, Christmas trees in every nook and cranny, shining fairy lights, fresh Christmas flowers and tons of other decorative items.

Like almost everywhere else on earth Christmas is celebrated on a grand scale, a number of parties are held at homes and hotels throughout the country. Though many religious celebrations are held in Cambodia, Christmas has a special sense of festiveness associated with it.

Of course Christianity gained a foothold in Cambodia after the French Colonial times, when the Roman Catholic faith was introduced by the missionaries that built churches, schools and seminaries through out the country. Even though there is visible evidence of Christian cathedrals and churches, some of them being internationally famous, Cambodia's Christian population is numerically small numbering around 300,000.

However, the birth of Jesus and the hope associated with it transcends all religious boundaries as all Cambodians and foreigners gather on the 25th of December to celebrate Christmas. Traditional sweet meats are combined with usual Christmas delights such as Christmas cake to make Christmas dinners in Cambodia, unforgettable and mouthwatering occasions.

A Siem Reap hotel that celebrates Christmas with great gusto is an ideal place for travelers to stay during this festive season. Many a luxury hotel in Siem Reap will host Christmas dinners and dances, which capture the national mood of celebration and revelry during this joyous season.

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