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Published: 04th May 2011
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In Shenzhen lies the Dapeng Fortress which is located roughly fifty-five kilometres in east Shenzhen’s Longgang District. It has been selected into the list of the city’s top eight picturesque locations. Dapeng Fortress has experienced eventful history throughout its existence.
It was built over six hundred years ago to defend the city against Japanese bandits who distressed the southern area around Guangdong. Though it was an important stronghold at the time the site became well-known as the location of the British naval attack Shenzhen faced on the 4th of September in 1839. This was the start of the Opium Wars, following the British attacks on China, where China, led by General Lai Enjue, defeated the British forces.
The Ming Dynasty established a military base in the city of Dapeng as a fortification against Japanese pirates who attacked the coastal areas bordering Guangdong. This area which was built for protection now includes a part of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
These ancient structures add historical value amidst a young, modern city. The Dapeng Museum directs visitors through the marvels of the city’s past. Some exhibits have been lost or destroyed over the years of its existence but this fact only provides added value to the remaining exhibits.
A visit to Shenzhen will not only allow you to visit the Depang Fortress. It also makes way for visitors to visit the two-thousand square metre manor known as the Zhenwei General Mansion. The fortress has not only absorbed threats from foreign forces but also experienced natural and civil disasters for over six hundred years. There are three well-known entrances to the fortress, known as Tianhou Palace, Zhaogong Temple and Houwang Temple that still stand with great prestige.
Enjoy the intricately carved architecture and great art in styles that resemble the Qing and Ming dynasties. The fortress, now a village, still holds the delicate carvings and rural scenery which have made it the best get-a-way from high-flown, busy city life. In the early two thousands it was made a state-protected site with organizations financially assisting the city to retain its relics and help sustain the buildings.
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