Guadalupe Ruins – a must see attraction in Manila

Published: 07th July 2009
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Tourists visiting Manila should consider stopping over at Bernardino Street Guadalupe Viejo, Makati to view the Guadalupe Ruins. The Guadalupe Ruins are among the most stunning sights in Manila. Travelers can expect to glimpse Doric architecture featuring colossal buttresses supporting its vault of hewn stones. These stones were obtained from the Guadalupe quarry which has been completed excavated and still exists to this day.

The Guadalupe Ruins are the remains of what is considered the oldest church in Makati. The structure's historical worth is enormous as it is a reminder of the numerous assaults the community endured over many hundreds of years. The Guadalupe Ruins consists of relics of the Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church erected in 1629 in traditional Doric Architecture. The American Cemetery and Memorial stores war records and wall paintings portraying sights from the Second World War in Fort Bonifacio. This is a preferred place of interest for war veterans making a trip to Makati. Moreover, in Fort Bonifacio there is the Memorial for Heroes.

The Guadalupe Ruins might be a major attraction in the area, but Makati city has much more to offer to sightseers. The flea market or thrift shops on Hizon Street in Bangkal, Makati, just before the Malibay area, are wonderful for travelers who wish to purchase bona fide Makati items such as printed shirts. Prices are reasonable, providing tourists with an enjoyable shopping experience. Ideal for long or short stay in a Manila serviced apartment such as the ones on offer at Ascott Makati.

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