He Xiangning Art Museum

Published: 03rd June 2009
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The He Xiangning Art Museum is located in Shenzhen and operates between 10 am to 6 pm, on Tuesday through to Sunday. On Friday's, entrance to the museum is free and contemporary artworks are on display. The He Xiangning Art Museum is China's 2nd national contemporary art museum, the first being the National Art Gallery. The He Xiangning Art Museum is situated in the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) of Shenzhen.

The artist He Xiangning was born in Hong Kong, when she was still young she travelled to Japan. In Japan, she banded with the group that was led by Dr. Sun Yatsen, which was planning, on overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. Even though art was Ms. He Xiangning's passion, politics also played an integral part in her life. Ms. He Xiangning studied about Art at the Ueno School of Art in Tokyo. Much of the paintings of Ms. He Xiangning are of landscapes, tigers, lions, plum blossoms and pine trees, her art was used as a means to convey many other political views. Ms. He Xiangning's favorite objects to paint were the plum blossoms which can be seen in much of her paintings. The plum blossoms symbolized courage and purity challenging the frost and snows of winter.

When Ms. He Xiangning returned from China the Kingnan school of painters came to influence her art. Slowly the Japanese artistic influences she acquired weaned away to the Chinese art forms. The He Xiangning Art Museum is famous for its feminine art form exhibitions. And the three storied building is a unique representation of the galleries fascination with the female form through its architectural design and serves as a good base for the display of contemporary art.

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