Hukuru Miskiiy - a national treasure

Published: 28th April 2010
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Escape to a slice of paradise, your Garden of Eden surrounded by the clearest waters that capture the turquoise skies of Maldives. A typical Maldives luxury resort will come with all the trimmings, facilities and the added fantasy of island living. The traveller who is beckoned by the Maldives is one who is in search of an exclusive hideaway surrounded by a picture perfect backdrop. Ideal for swimming, diving, snorkelling, dolphin watching, deep sea fishing, surfing and island hopping, some of the best things to do along the atolls are revolved around the gifts of Mother Nature.

To capture the essence and culture of Maldives, a look at its history will give one a deeper understanding. The country initially adopted Buddhism as a religion, but during the course of its history and till today, Islam is the belief practised by the majority of the local comunity.

The oldest mosque in the Maldives is known as Hukuru Miskiiy and can be found in the capital city of Male'. Made of coral stone, this beautiful mosque is a rare and exceptional sight. Built in 1956 under the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar I, the coral is combined with different types of wood for its door and window frames. Sandalwood, redwood and teak windows and doors combined with intricate Arabic inscriptions and patterns make up the exterior of the mosque. Further inside the detailing becomes more ornate and rare sculptures can be seen.

Friday is the one of the most important days for Muslims and till today pilgrims still visit Hukuru Miskiiy for prayer. Considered a national treasure, in the premises of the mosque nobles, sultans and other iconic figures from the history of the Maldives have been buried here.

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