Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar – a unique dining experience

Published: 26th April 2010
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Hong Kong is a veritable paradise, filled with lush greenery, exotic luxury hotels, business empires, fabulous dining opportunities, shopping extravaganzas, cultural relics and so much more. In a country where both extremes reside amicably, Hong Kong is a great place to explore old world charm and new world offerings. Aside from its Asian counterparts, Hong Kong is well organized and extremely safe to travel in. Surf its wonderful beaches, enjoy a spectacular sun rise from a mountain top or find respite in the isolated islands of the nation.

Dining in Hong Kong is a worthwhile experience, as it boasts over 11,000 establishments serving just about anything and everything the world is willing to try out. Preparing fresh sea food is a culinary art in Hong Kong, and the locals thrive on it. Tourists looking for the best spots to have some fresh seafood will find that Lamma Island, Sai Kung, Cheung Chau and Lei Yue Mun are among the best choices.

Enjoy prawns, scallops, lobster, crab, oysters and just about every animal from the oceans bordering Hong Kong when you visit Lei Yue Mun. Located in the corner of Kowloon, Lei Yue Mun is a tiny village with a seafood bazaar that has become a tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Get ready for a unique dining experience where a diner will visit the live fish market and choose their seafood of choice, and then go to any of the nearby restaurants to have their meal prepared. Restaurants in Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar also have their own stock of fresh seafood for the convenience of diners who do not wish to go the market.

A popular annual event that takes place in this village is the Seafood Festival. Visitors can expect great deals and discounts on dining during this period, whilst cultural performances of dragon dancers and Chinese opera can also be appreciated.

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