Menara KL Tower, an iconic structure

Published: 04th August 2011
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The Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower is a very tall structure situated in the Malaysian capital which has acquired the status of an iconic landmark of the city as well as being a major tourist attraction. The monumental tower, completed in 1995 is used principally for communications. It features an antenna which rises to an extent of 421 m which gives it the distinction of being the second highest freestanding tower on the globe. It is also Southeast Asia’s tallest tower. The structure’s upper section features a revolving restaurant offering guests sensational views over the city. The upper areas are accessed via an elevator as well as by a stairwell.
Another important function of the tower is its role as an Islamic observatory used for sighting the crescent moon for significant occasions like the fasting month of Ramadan, Aidiladha and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. On a lighter note annual races are organized where contestants compete in racing up the stairs to the upper part of the tower.
The Kuala Lumpur Tower was constructed using no less than 45,000 cubic metres of concrete; this volume of concrete required 31 hours of continuous pouring to put into place, setting a record for the construction industry of Malaysia. Constructed implementing vertical ribs on the exterior, the massive edifice weighs a hefty 100,000 tonnes.
The captivatingly striking building is embellished with elaborate designs typical of the Islamic culture of Malaysia. The principal lobby located on the upper section of the ground floor is adorned with lovely glass-inlaid domes which sparkle resembling huge diamonds. These lovely domes were meticulously designed by expert Iranian artisans from the city of Isfahan.
The environs of the tower are also a delight for the nature lover as the thriving Bukit Nanas Forest is located here. The oldest recorded nature reserve in the country, this verdant area features fauna and flora native to the tropical Malaysian climate. Various insects, colourful butterflies, exotic birds, squirrels and monkeys are to be seen here. This lush sanctuary is known as the ‘green lung’ of the city.
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