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Psar Chas, the Old Market - Siem Reap

11th May 2009
With colonial style Chinese architecture, Siem Reap City is the capital of Cambodia's Siem Reap Province. The town is full of exciting craft shops, Apsara Dancers, paddy fields and even silk farms. Siem Reap boasts many interesting and diverse tourist a... Read >

Ski Dubai – Middle East’s First Indoor Winter Wonder Land

06th May 2009
Part of Dubai's Mall of The Emirates, the Ski Dubai is Middle East's first indoor ski resort that provides real snow fun all year round. Whether you are beginner or a professional ski sporter, this entertaining winter wonder land that covers 22500 square ... Read >

Genghis Khan Mausoleum: A Memorial for the Great Mongolian Hero

07th April 2009
Approximately 185 kilometres from Baotou City, stands the beautiful Genghis Khan's Mausoleum which was built in 1954. It is recognised as the gathering place to pay tribute and bid sacrifice to the spirit of the great Mongolian hero Genghis Khan. Genghi... Read >

Fitzroy House: A Home for the Writers

13th March 2009
Fitzroy House positioned in the centre of Fitzrovia, was built in 1791 soon after major development efforts were carried out in the area. The remarkable interior and exterior designs of the Fitzroy House are the work of renowned Georgian-period architect,... Read >

Cambodian Royal Family

02nd February 2009
The present King of Cambodia His Majesty Preah Bat samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk was born in Phnom Penh on the 31st of October 1922. His parents were HM Norodom Suramarit and HM Sisowath Kossamak Nearireath. In the year 1941 the present king of Cambodia ... Read >

A place worth a visit, the Ounalom pagoda

09th January 2009
The Wat Ounalom or the Ounalom Pagoda can be regarded as the most important pagoda in all of Phnom Penh, since it is the headquarters of the Buddhist patriarchate of Phnom Penh and was also the home of the Buddhist Institute and library until 1999. Wat Ou... Read >

Celebrating Christmas in Cambodia

02nd December 2008
Despite being a Buddhist country, Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated and gaily celebrated festivals in Cambodia. If you are traveling through out the country then you will no doubt notice colourful decorations everywhere, Christmas trees in e... Read >

Celebrating Buddhism - Asalaha Bucha Day

27th October 2008
Asala Bucha Day is one of the most sacred days in Buddhism. It is evidenced as the day when the Triple Gem: the Lord Buddha, His Teachings and His Disciples came into being. Asala Bucha Day comes on the fifteenth day of the waxing moon of the eighth lunar... Read >

Templer's Park – Surround Yourself With Nature's Gifts

23rd October 2008
Who doesn't want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life? There are times when everybody wants to crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after them, if only it were possible. A more enjoyable solution would be a few days away in some seclude... Read >

Guan Yin Statue

05th September 2008
If you want to go to Lisbon, Las Vegas and China simultaneously, visit Macau. But, besides its multinational appearance, Macau has some traditional and cultural aspects that are not to be missed by visitors. The Guan Yin Statue is one such attraction, loc... Read >

The Most Beautiful Avenue in the World

01st April 2008
Champs Alyses is perhaps the most well known street in the world; the street which officially referred to as "Avenue des Champs-Alysess" represent what in the eyes of many tourists exemplifies France. With its cinemas, cafes, and luxury specialty shops it... Read >

The World’s largest seaplane base

01st April 2008
Lake Spenard which is combined with Lake Hood through a number of waterways and canals is taken together it forms the world's largest floatplane landing site. Indeed it is a haven for plane-spotters who want to relax on the banks of the beautiful Lake and... Read >
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