Psar Chas, the Old Market - Siem Reap

Published: 11th May 2009
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With colonial style Chinese architecture, Siem Reap City is the capital of Cambodia's Siem Reap Province. The town is full of exciting craft shops, Apsara Dancers, paddy fields and even silk farms.

Siem Reap boasts many interesting and diverse tourist attractions. Among the many attractions are Angkor Wat, the Land Mine Museum, Angkor National Museum and the glorious inner royal city. The many different markets in Siem Reap also play a major role in attracting a large number of tourists.

The many diverse markets in Siem Reap include the Central Market also known as New Market, Psar Tuol Tom Pong or the Russian Market, Psar O Russei, Psar Olympic located near the Olympic Stadium and Psar Chaa also known as the old market.

Psar Chaa is a famous market in the city which is primarily known for its large selection of food stalls and small restaurants selling various types of mouth-watering food. There are some food stalls selling different kinds of rice, Khmer soups, sausages, and dried fish. Vegetable and fruit stalls are also galore. A significant feature at Psar Chaa is its stalls selling Prahok which is a Cambodian speciality. Stalls selling baguettes and spiced frogs are evidence of the French colonialism in the region.

Psar Chaa the oldest market in the town is also known for its clothing, accessory and household stalls. It is also an ideal place to buy Buddhist trinkets, souvenir T-shirts along with a fine range of books on temples.

The market is more popular among locals since it does not have as many products found in other neighbouring markets.

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