Sri Lanka Kitesurfing - the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush on the Waters

Published: 01st June 2010
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Sri Lanka, a small island completely surrounded by the great blue Indian Ocean, is one of the best tourist destinations in the South Asia. It is a country with a recorded history that spans till sixth century BC, where archaeological findings uncovered human settlements even 30,000 years back.

There is so much more to tourism in Sri Lanka than sightseeing attractions. Sri Lanka is a paradise for adventure seekers, birders, hikers and trekkers as well as sports buffs. Water sports in particular have gained a high demand with more and more sports being introduced to this country. You can enjoy everything from snorkelling to diving, surfing to kayaking, waterskiing to wakeboarding among many other at affordable rates.

For the thrill seekers who wouldn't settle less than adrenaline rushes, Sri Lanka offers extreme sports such as kitesurfing. So what is kitesurfing? It is known as a surface water sport that requires a power kite to propel the kitesurfer towards the direction of the wind. Power kites, also called traction kites, are designed specifically to pull its users.

The size and the span of the kite determine the kite's power, in other words the bigger the kite the stronger it propels. You also need other equipments for kitesurfing such as control bar, kite harness, kiteboard, wetsuit and helmet to name but a few.

The most popular spot for kitesurfing In Sri Lanka is Negombo. It is a major beach resort in Sri Lanka with stunning sandy beaches and perfect winds, ideal for kitesurfing almost all year round. And best of all a majority of kites are produced in Sri Lanka itself, while the cream of the factories are concentrated in Negombo. The key factories are namely Carved Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding and Faith Kiteboarding.

Most of the professional kitesurfers in Sri Lanka are daring enough to challenge the seas from the north to the south and east to the west. The kitesurfing beaches offer the service of professional instructors who will provide lessons and courses for all levels.

You will need to learn all the basics before trying out kitesurfing as it is categorized as an extreme sport only suited for the daring. The months from January to March provides northwest trade winds that are ideal even for the beginners. From May to August the wind switches to southwest winds, bringing out rough seas that are best suited for professional and veteran kitesurfers.

As the wind propels the crescent shaped kite and it tugs you towards the horizon, your heart will skip a beat and the excitement will rise to its peak. You could enjoy breathtaking coastal views and even striking sunsets while speeding across the waves and the surf. If you are acrobatic enough you can even perform twists and turns or even summersaults in mid air as the kite lifts you up.

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