Templer's Park – Surround Yourself With Nature's Gifts

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Who doesn't want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life? There are times when everybody wants to crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after them, if only it were possible. A more enjoyable solution would be a few days away in some secluded place, surrounded by the beauties of nature. The only trouble with that is that we have become so used to all our creature comforts that the serenity and beauty of nature simply can't be enough for us now.

This is why we need places like Templer's Park, which is one of the most enchanting places you will ever find. You can commune with nature, indulge the inner child in you, and still not have to rough it and do your cooking over a campfire you build yourself without matches. Truly roughing it might seem like an appealing idea, but once you try it, you will probably appreciate the comforts a neatly tended but private chalet and a restaurant and some food stalls nearby provide.

Templer's Park is most famous for the Templer's Park Falls, or the Kansing Waterfalls. As long as you remember to pack your swimsuit and some sensible shoes for clambering around the Falls, you could have a wonderful time frolicking in the water.

Apart from the Falls, the flora and fauna of Templer's Park is varied enough to give you a wonderful time. Anybody who loves bird watching will have a lovely time in Templer's Park, which is a bird watchers' paradise.

1214 hectares of beautiful shades of green that will almost make you keep an eye out for singing elves can rejuvenate the most jaded of people. Meeting the occasional monkey can make your day, as long as the mischievous creatures don't steal your picnic basket, of course.

If you prefer the wide and varied world of insects to that of birds, Templer's Park will be your idea of heaven. You might even discover a few new species.

The wild outdoors in Malaysia can be a treat for sore eyes and the overly occupied minds, and if you are thinking about enjoying some time in the bosom of nature, check-in to a discount hotel Kuala Lumpur nearby and spend a few glorious days in the wilderness.

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