The Angurukaamulla Temple: A Different Side of Negombo

Published: 29th June 2010
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To many the coastal resort town of Negombo on the western part of Sri Lanka is simply a land of golden beaches and azure seas. However, in addition to its many beach based activities, the town is also home to several places of considerable historic and religious importance. A visit to the Dutch Fort or to one of the region's prominent religious centres is bound to add more to one's stay in Negombo by offering a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich heritage of the people and their way of life.

The Angurukaamulla temple located in the eastern part of the city next to Harischandra College is one such place of considerable interest. The largest Buddhist temple in Negombo, it is an active centre of Theravada Buddhism. A calm sense of tranquility pervades the atmosphere making it an ideal retreat from the worries and cares of the city. A few hours at the temple is sufficient to witness and understand the devotional activities taking place.

The beautiful architecture of the temple is one of its most attractive features. The devotional hall houses a large 6m long reclining Buddha statue. In addition, the temple is renowned for its ancient paintings and murals depicting religious as well as historical images. A central part of this collection is the paintings illustrating different kings of ancient Sri Lanka rendering the Angurukaamulla temple an excellent place to gain an informative and interesting view of both the country's history and its religious art.

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